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This is the temporary landing page for the ODS API Suite.  The ODS API Suite is replacing the POC API “An Open API to Health and Social Care Organisation Reference Data” described on this page on the Developer Network Site.  Consumers should check the details of the stable (alpha) API endpoint at

Background Information
The data returned by each interface is sourced from the same underlying database which is populated from XML HSCOrgRefData managed by the Organisation Data Service (ODS) within NHS Digital  see:

The data returned by the API is transformed to meet requirements of two customer groups (ORD and FHIR).  See for information regarding the ORD and FHIR interfaces and updates relating to the planned Go Live dates for the service.

For draft implementation guidance for the ORD interface see:

For draft implementation guidance for the FHIR interface see:

Consumers may need to consider data requirements as well as alignment to data standards when deciding which interface to use.  There may be some consumers that require both interfaces to support different use cases for local applications.