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NHS Digital Connectathon – March 2018

Connectathon – March 2018

Information for attendees of the NHS Digital Technical Connectathon March 2018. The information will be kept here after the event so feel free to refer back as and when required.


The API Suite consists of two APIs as detailed here
Presentation: Connectathon ODS API Suite Presentation March 2018

The URL specified in the Cheat Sheets is no longer available – please go to https://digital.nhs.uk/organisation-data-service/APIs for more information on how to access the APIs.

ODS Lookup API

– Implementation Guide: https://developer-test.nhs.uk/apis/ods/
– Cheat Sheet: ODS API Connectathon Cheat Sheet
– Cheat Sheet Answers: ODS API Connectathon Cheat Sheet – Answers


– Implementation Guide: https://developer-test.nhs.uk/library/identifiers/ods-ord-api-implementation-guide/
– Cheat Sheet: ODS ORD API Connectathon Cheat Sheet
– Cheat Sheet Answers: ODS ORD API Connectathon Cheat Sheet – Answers

Care Connect API

– Implementation Guide: https://nhsconnect.github.io/CareConnectAPI/
– Presentation: CCAPI Overview Connectathon

National Record Locator (NRLS)

– Implementation Guide: https://developer-test.nhs.uk/apis/nrls/
– NRLS API Feedback Page: https://github.com/nhsconnect/FHIR-NRLS-API/issues/
– Presentation: NRLS – Connectathon 2018

Strategic Authentication

– Presentation: Access Control platform_Strategic Authentication

e-Referrals Service API

– Presentation: NHSDigital_Connectathon


If you have any queries with the content above or the Connectathon event then please feel free to contact us at apilabs@nhs.net