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Click Through

Pattern Description


The Click-Through pattern can provide a simple mechanism for allowing a user to view the contents of another clinical system launched as a new “tab” or window from their own system. This is typically achieved using a simple web address (URL) to allow the remote application to be opened with a specific patient context. In some cases this view of the remote system can be made to look similar to the local system so it appears to be part of the same record (even though none of the information is actually retained in the local record).

In systems that are not web-based, a similar “click-through” mechanism can be achieved by launching a “viewer” application of some sort to provide a view of the record in the remote system.


  • Can provide a simple way of quickly providing a view of information in a remote system
  • Read only-access is most common, though there are scenarios where update is supported in this way


  • In order to work effectively, a shared mechanism for authenticating users (Single Sign-On) would ideally be required, or some other approach for sharing authentication context between systems.
  • Managing updates can be difficult.
  • Information from the remote system is never integrated into the local record, and how it is presented is generally out of the control of that system.
  • Unlikely to scale beyond 2 or 3 systems or care settings due to the complexity of managing the various authentication and patient contexts.
  • The information is being presented by a different application, so may not “look” like the application the clinician normally uses, which could cause confusion.