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Message Broker

Pattern Description


In order to simplify the process of connecting multiple systems to one-another a message broker (a.k.a. middleware / integration engine / TIE) may be used.
This typically provides message routing, transformations, etc. to allow easier integration with systems that do not support common messaging standards.
It will often provide additional features such as advanced orchestration, flow control, security, monitoring, etc.


  • By using a broker, each node in a region can send all messages to the broker and the broker can identify the end-point to route the message to.
  • If the message needs to travel across regions, it can be forwarded on to another regional broker for onward transmission (multi-hop messaging).


  • Additional (potentially costly) infrastructure component to procure and maintain and support.
  • May take focus away from efforts to standardise interfaces, and potentially perpetuate the proliferation of competing and proprietary messaging standards.