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Assurance Approach

The selected methodology for the assurance of the NHS e-Referral Service APIs will comprise the implementation of the Target Operating Model (TOM) as generically recorded within NHS Digital’s  online Technology Reference data Update Distribution (TRUD) repository – Access.

The TOM is an integral part of the Interoperability Toolkit. It details the Trusts’ responsibilities for Locally Assured Systems, Spine Mini Service compliant systems and will contain an enhanced version for the deployment and release of NHS e-RS APIs.

The primary audience for the TOM are project teams working for a deploying organisation who are responsible for the runtime requirements of the implementation. Suppliers are envisaged as a secondary audience for the TOM documentation.

The documentation has two categories (i) Guidance and (ii) Governance and these are more relevant to the Project Manager and technical team within a deploying organisation. Senior Management may find the overview document relevant, and may also wish to familiarise themselves with the information on Governance and Stakeholders.

Work on establishing a bespoke TOM for the implementation of the NHS e-RS API endpoints is in progress and will be release here shortly. This will additionally include supporting Connection Agreements, End User Policies and Data Sharing Agreements.