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Deployment Update:

e-RS Release 7.1, due for deployment 19/01/18

This release will include an updated Service Search Alpha API, the original Alpha released in August 2017 allowed searches on the following attributes

  • Clinic Type
    Request Type
    Locally/ Nationally Commissioned

Following feedback from suppliers we will now be adding these further searchable attributes:

  • Clinical Term
    Named Clinician
    Distance Within
    Organisation or Site Name
    Indicative Wait Time Less Than


e-RS API Team

Referral Discovery Phase:

The identification of user needs with business partners. This is for creating a referral, searching for services and booking appointments. This supports prototype design allowing review, validation and agreement of the alpha phase.

Service Search:

Develop Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable external systems to search for services. This provides a base to invoke clinical triage. We use current Clinical Referral Information (CRI) APIs for this.

Referral Alpha Phase:

Based on the discovery phase, further collaborative design and development of working referral API prototypes. This will enable business partners to elaborate and enhance their referral solutions.

Clinical Referral Information (CRI) Rollout and Transition:

Support business partners to adopt CRI APIs, through the assurance of their development, thereby allowing clinical information, including the output from advice and guidance dialogue, to be displayed within their live solutions.

Clinical Triage:

Deliver APIs to allow provider system suppliers to introduce functionality for users to seamlessly accept, reject or redirect the referral. This builds upon and enhances the previously deployed CRI functionality.

Referral Beta Rollout and Transition:

Support business partners to adopt referral APIs, through the assurance of their development, thereby allowing partner systems to create a referral, search for services and book appointments.

* Indicative schedule for the development and release of new NHS e-Referral Service API functionality for external use.