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The information presented within this website section forms an integral part of an initial Beta implementations of the NHS e-RS APIs and is intended to allow third party users to examine the future delivery model and provide early insights into the approach.

Though the intent is to publish profiles for all models within the API; at the time of writing the part of the FHIR standard pertaining to operations and the tooling to create them is not deemed stable enough.

The implementation of a user-focused Ecosystem to support third party API development is currently in progress. This aims to provide a host of user information and documentation on the engagement process, API architecture, test environments and other supporting development resources.

This specification is based on and is intended to be used alongside the published FHIR DSTU2 1.0.1 (Sept 2015) specification.

The NHS e-RS FHIR API specification is published as a ‘work in progress’ version and as such is subject to change. It has been published to show the direction of travel and to serve as a discussion document for parties involved within the implementation of FHIR based communication.