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Application Programming Interface (API)

A key aspect of the NHS e-RS vision is to enable local innovation and adoption of paperless referrals. You can do this in a secure and controlled manner using our API. The APIs are a well-defined interface aiding new software solutions in a simple way.
We want to stimulate and assist your development of applications linked to the NHS e-RS via its API. We describe and provide the usual tasks and support documents you will need here.


The site has five main parts. Each aligns to a phase of development and partner engagement with NHS Digital, as shown below. The Communication Channels let you engage with each phase of the Ecosystem. They are enabling components.

A summary of the activities and the support material in each of the phases are as follows:

  Phase Description

1. Get Started

non-technical and high-level technical documentation to get started with the development

2. Explore

first taste of API through an interactive online console with full API reference, type system, and (ReST) resource definitions

3. Develop

business processes, code samples, and system test environments

4. Assure

NHS Digital validation, integration testing, technical accreditation, and guidance to clinical safety and information governance

5. Deploy

registration, deployment certificates and monitoring

See a more detailed description of a typical Development Journey.